Started by roderickchan, Mar 31, 2024, 08:04 AM

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I've just download and test api link for windows today
seems working few issue.


When try to run api-link it says crash but it's actually running
VU Server - Crashed
VU API Link has crashed unexpectedly!

Please check log files for more information.

2) Could not delele the api link properly, when click delete its all gone but when refresh, it's all back


Hi roderickchan and welcome to the forum!

The best place to report issues with VU Server or API Link would be the GitHub issues page (VU Server / API Link).

1) API link can have only one active instance, same as VU server so the crash message is expected.
Since the last release VU server shows a different message when it detects that the server is already running. I'll add something similar for the API Link too.

2) Thanks, I will look into this issue.