Help with initial setup

Started by actingbusy, Jul 12, 2024, 11:58 PM

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Can anyone offer any tips or tricks to get passed the initial setup? Only the hub is consistently identifiable. Have gotten up to 3 dials to work but not consistently and the 4th dial has never been recognized. Tried the procedure in the FAQs by closing out the server app and then only connecting one dial at a time, and it will recognize them but then stop responding upon trying the demo app.


Hey @actingbusy

Your dials should work out of the box without any extra convincing required, so something is definitely off.
Can you describe a bit more what do you mean by "gotten to work but not consistently"?
It's very helpful if you provide the steps you take and what is going on (and maybe what you expect to happen).
Also can you attach your sever log file (or send it to me privately if you prefer that)? The path to the file should look something like `C:\Users\_your_username_\KaranovicResearch\VUServer\server.log`